Trash Bags

More than just hold garbage

Camping or backpacking garbage bags
- item to carry in backpack, RV, or car
- use heavy duty lawn and leaf bags
- weigh very little
- take up little space


- line sleeping bag, rucksack, clothes bag
- pack cover

Emergency shelter
- two trash bags, duct tape, and rope.
- Cut bag ends open
- tape together (make a "tube")
- run rope through it between two trees

Bag poncho
- cut or tear holes for head and arms
- add warmth (perspiration will not be able to escape)

Emergency bed
- fill a bags with dry leaves, pine needles, etc.
- use a bag as a blanket

Gear separator
- Keep wet item from dry items
- footwear inside bag and place in the bottom of sleeping bag

"Mud room"
- bag on the ground in tent's vestibule

Water collector
- place snow in the trash bag and heat
- make funnel to catch rain


Put any trash found outdoors in a garbage bag
- keep the outdoors natural

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