Self Defense

Defend yourself or another, a person's property or a person's well-being from attack (such as from assault and battery or homicide) and other physical harm.

Offensive countermeasures

Right of self-defense (legal justification)
- Use of force in times of danger after legal provocation
- Position in which not using self-defense would most likely lead to death or serious injuries
The threat of damage or loss of property is not enough


- martial arts
Jujitsu (Bartitsu, Goshin Jujitsu, Ketsugo jujutsu, Kodokan Goshin Jutsu, Yawara-Jitsu)

Combat sports

  • Pugilism (boxing)
    • Greek boxing
    • fist fighting
    • English bare-knuckle boxing
    • amateur (Olympic) boxing
    • professional boxing
  • Kickboxing
    • Indochinese kickboxing
      • Muay Thai (Thai boxing)
      • Muay Lao (Lao Boxing)
    • Full contact karate
    • Taekwondo
    • Choi Kwang Do (Korean Boxing)
  • Grappling
    • Beach wrestling
    • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
    • Catch wrestling (Western Submission Wrestling)
    • Freestyle wrestling
    • Folk wrestling (numerous regional styles)
    • Greco-Roman wrestling
    • Judo
    • Luta Livre Esportiva (Brazilian Submission Wrestling)
  • Hybrid
    • Pankration (Ancient Greek Freestyle Fighting)
    • Amateur Pankration
    • Hausa Dambe
    • Russian Sambo
    • Brazilian Vale Tudo (No Rules Freestyle Fighting)
    • Chinese Sanshou (Wushu)
    • Japanese Shoot boxing
    • Mixed Martial Arts (Freestyle Fighting)

Armed (Weapons)

May require a license, or some items may be legal to carry without a license
- Non-lethal weapons and lethal weapons
- knives, firearms, batons, kubotan
- pepper spray and personal stun guns

  • Pepper sprays (range between 5–20 feet; highly irritating chemicals)
  • Handheld stun guns (incapacitating electric shock; contact assailant)
  • Tasers (gas-propelled barbs with conductive wire)

- everyday objects (baseball bats or aerosol spray cans)
- improvised weapons

Combat sports

  • Weapons
    • Fechtschulen and fencing
    • Kendo (Japanese fencing)
    • Arnis (Filipino Stick Fighting)
    • Wushu (various disciplines)
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