A river is a natural watercourse, usually freshwater, flowing towards an ocean, a lake, a sea, or another river. In a few cases, a river simply flows into the ground or dries up completely before reaching another body of water. Small rivers may also be called by several other names, including stream, creek, brook, rivulet, tributary and rill; there is no general rule that defines what can be called a river, although in some countries or communities a stream may be defined by its size.

Kansas and Missouri rivers

Missouri River Near Kansas City
- 54,280 Cubic feet per second flow
Kansas (Kaw) River Near junction with Missouri River
- 7,464 Cubic feet per second flow

United States National Wild and Scenic Rivers

ACOE = U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
BLM = Bureau of Land Management
NPS = National Park Service
USFS = U.S. Forest Service
USFWS = U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Designated National Wild and Scenic Rivers in the United States.
- Rivers may be listed more than once if they have designated sections in different states.


Sipsey Fork of the Black Warrior River, USFS


Alagnak River, NPS
Alatna River, NPS
Andreafsky River, USFWS
Aniakchak River, NPS
Beaver Creek, BLM/USFWS
Birch Creek, BLM
Charley River, NPS
Chilikadrotna River, NPS
Delta River, BLM
Fortymile River, BLM
Gulkana River, BLM
Ivishak River, USFWS
John River, NPS
Kobuk River, NPS
Koyukuk River (North Fork), NPS
Mulchatna River, NPS
Noatak River, NPS
Nowitna River, USFWS
Salmon River, NPS
Selawik River, USFWS
Sheenjek River, USFWS
Tinayguk River, NPS
Tlikakila River, NPS
Unalakleet River, BLM
Wind River, USFWS


Fossil Creek, USFS
Verde River, USFS


Big Piney Creek, USFS
Buffalo River, USFS
Cossatot River, ACOE/USFS/Arkansas
Hurricane Creek, USFS
Little Missouri River, USFS
Mulberry River, USFS
North Sylamore Creek, USFS
Richland Creek, USFS


Amargosa River, added in 2009
American River, California/BLM/USFS
Big Sur River, USFS
Black Butte River, USFS (Added in 2005)
Eel River, BLM/USFS/California
Feather River, USFS
Kern River, NPS/USFS
Kings River, NPS/USFS
Klamath River, BLM/NPS/USFS/California
Merced River, BLM/NPS/USFS
Sespe Creek, USFS
Sisquoc River, USFS
Smith River, USFS/California
Trinity River, BLM/USFS/California
Tuolumne River, BLM/NPS/USFS


Cache La Poudre River, NPS/USFS


Farmington River (West Branch), NPS/Connecticut

Delaware and Pennsylvania

White Clay Creek, NPS/Local Government


Loxahatchee River, Florida
Wekiva River, NPS/Florida

Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina

Chattooga River, USFS


Clearwater River (Middle Fork), USFS
Lochsa River, USFS
Rapid River, USFS
Saint Joe River, USFS
Salmon River, USFS
Snake River, USFS


Middle Fork of the Vermilion River, Illinois.


Red River, USFS


Saline Bayou, USFS


Allagash River, Maine


Westfield River, Massachusetts
Sudbury River, Assabet River and Concord River, NPS/Massachusetts/Local Government


Au Sable River, USFS
Bear Creek, USFS
Black River, USFS
Carp River, USFS
Indian River, USFS
Manistee River, USFS
Ontonagon River, USFS
Paint River, USFS
Pere Marquette River, USFS
Pine River, USFS
Presque Isle River, USFS
Sturgeon River (Hiawatha National Forest), USFS
Sturgeon River (Ottawa National Forest), USFS
Tahquamenon River (East Branch), USFS
Whitefish River, USFS
Yellow Dog River, USFS

Minnesota and Wisconsin

St. Croix River, NPS/Minnesota and Wisconsin


Black Creek, USFS


Eleven Point River, USFS


Flathead River, NPS/USFS
Missouri River, BLM


Niobrara River, NPS/USFWS

Nebraska and South Dakota

Missouri River, NPS

New Hampshire

Lamprey River, NPS/Local Government
Wildcat Brook, USFS

New Jersey

Great Egg Harbor River, NPS/Local Government
Maurice River, NPS/Local Government
Musconetcong River

New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Delaware River (Lower), NPS/Local Government
Delaware River (Middle), NPS

New Mexico

Jemez River (East Fork), USFS
Pecos River, USFS
Rio Chama, BLM/USFS
Rio Grande, BLM/USFS

New York and Pennsylvania

Delaware River (Upper), NPS

North Carolina

Horsepasture River, USFS
New River, North Carolina
Lumber River, North Carolina
Wilson Creek, USFS


Big Darby Creek and Little Darby Creek, Ohio
Little Beaver Creek, Ohio
Little Miami River, Ohio


Big Marsh Creek, USFS
Chetco River, USFS
Clackamas River, USFS
Crescent Creek, USFS
Crooked River, Oregon/BLM/USFS
Deschutes River, BLM/USFS
Donner und Blitzen River, BLM/USFS
Eagle Creek, USFS
Elk River, USFS
Elkhorn Creek, BLM/USFS
Grande Ronde River, BLM/USFS
Illinois River, USFS
Imnaha River, USFS
John Day River, BLM/USFS
Joseph Creek, USFS
Kiger Creek, BLM
Klamath River, BLM/Oregon
Little Deschutes River, USFS
Little Wildhorse Creek, BLM
Lostine River, USFS
Malheur River, USFS
McKenzie River, USFS
Metolius River, USFS
Minam River, USFS
North Fork John Day River, USFS
North Fork Malheur River, USFS
North Fork Middle Fork Willamette River, USFS
North Fork Owyhee River, BLM
North Fork Smith River, USFS
North Fork Sprague River, USFS
North Powder River, USFS
North Umpqua River, BLM/USFS
Owyhee River, BLM
Powder River, BLM
Quartzville Creek, BLM
Roaring River, USFS
Rogue River, BLM/USFS
Upper Rogue, USFS
Salmon River, BLM/USFS
Sandy River, BLM/USFS
Snake River, USFS
South Fork John Day River, BLM
Sycan River, USFS
Wallowa River, BLM/Oregon
Wenaha River, USFS
West Little Owyhee River, BLM
White River, BLM/USFS
Whychus Creek (formerly Squaw Creek), USFS
Wildhorse Creek, BLM


Allegheny River, USFS
Clarion River, USFS
Delaware River (Upper), NPS

Puerto Rico

Rio Mameyes, USFS
Rio de la Mina, USFS
Rio Icacos, USFS


Obed River, NPS


Rio Grande, NPS


Virgin River, NPS


Klickitat River, USFS
Skagit River, USFS
White Salmon River, USFS

West Virginia

Bluestone River, NPS


St. Croix River (Upper), NPS/Minnesota and Wisconsin
St. Croix River(Lower), NPS/Minnesota and Wisconsin
St. Croix River (Lower)
Wolf River, Wisconsin


Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone River, USFS

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