Operating System

OS (operating system) software
- programs and data
- manages hardware resources
- provides common services (application software execution)

Present on any device that contains a computer
- cellular phones
- video game consoles
- supercomputers
- web servers
Most important system software in a computer system.
Without an operating system, application software has to be self booting

Application code
- executed directly by the hardware
- call the OS
- interrupted by OS

Common features
- Process management
- Interrupts
- Memory management
- File system
- Device drivers
- Networking (TCP/IP, UDP)
- Security (Process/Memory protection)
- I/O

- application and the hardware during hardware functions
— input
— output
— memory allocation

Modern operating systems

- Ubuntu (Debian-derived Linux distribution)
- Mac OS X (Apple Computer, Inc)
- Microsoft Windows (Microsoft Corporation)

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