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A miniature figures ("mini figs") and soldier figures are small-scale representation of a combat entities used in miniature wargame. Figures and miniatures are also used in other games, such as boardgames and tabletop role-playing games. A figure represents an individual entity in the game, usually depicting uniformed military personnel from various eras (includes knights, cowboys, pirates, and other combat-related genres).

Figures may be realistic or iconic, depending on the skill and intention of the creator. Used to augment the visual aspects of the game, they can help players track position, facing, and line of sight in the game.

Bloc-Hed Minis

Bloc-hed cylinder template
Bloc-hed diamond template

These miniature papercraft are a nice 3D alternative to the 2D and 3D miniatures available. I created these papercraft miniatures for my gaming. after a few days of testing and prototyoing, I finally got to the 28mm figures. One is a cylinder body and the other a diamond body. Both the cylinder and the diamond miniatures though are an improvement on the simple 2D minifigs that are found elsewhere on the internet.

Bloc-hed mini figs

Cylinder type

The cylinder body has a more robust feel when you place the 'skin' on the paper.

More Bloc-hed Cylinder Figs available.

Diamond type

The diamond body are easier to craft and make 'skinning' easier but don't portray the front or back very well.

More Bloc-hed Diamond Figs available.
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