Area Knowldge

Person's home range is the area where an individual lives and travels in (concept of "territory").
- set of location points that have been collected over a period of time identifying the position in space of an individual at many points in time.

Place (home base) that is a system of patterns of association and attachment (local knowledge)
Identification with places of different scale
- the dwelling place
- the community and the associated region.
Spatial extent or outside boundary of an person's movement during the course of everyday activities

Home region refers to any area that a person consistently defends against others (and, occasionally, animals). People defend territories in this way are referred to as territorial. Other elements include,
- Personal wisdom and knowledge in an area (Area Knowledge)
- Familiarity with the people, places, and politics
- Events, geography, and streetwise of regional (indigenous themes)
- Enemy recognition (respond to strangers more than to neighbors)
Territorial people defend areas that contain a their house, apartment or residential site and resources for themselves and their young.

World interconnected and interdependent
- weakening human identification with place
- modern or postmodern lifestyle
Return to home, most familiar and intimate

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