Hardware Architecture

System's physical components and interrelations
Electrical and mechanical engineering
- hardware system
- elements relationships
- relationship rules

Hardware design model

Physical components complex systems model
- components fit into a system architecture
- software development information and integration
Electronic or electromechanical hardware system representation

Part of integrated system encompassing information, software, and prototyping

Electronic hardware

- Not software which runs in it
- standard computer hardware
- specialized hardward components
— IC wired logic gates,
— analog devices
— hybrid devices
— digital components

- Internal electric (and mechanic) interfaces (among system's components or subsystems)
- System and external environment interface
— especially user devices operated / viewed (human computer interface (HCI)))

Integrated circuit (IC)
- single chip microelectronic hardware
- single chip optoelectronic hardware
- single chip microelectromechanical hardware

Personal computer components

- physical computer hardware

Installed on hardware
- system software (operating system)
- software applications

Different PC forms
- case or chassis (tower (desktop))
- components
— motherboard
— Power supply
— Video display controller
— Removable media devices
— Internal storage
— Sound card
— Other peripherals

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