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Date Created : 1986
GURPS Sourcebooks
Basic Set ('Characters' and 'Campaigns') are core books. Rule Supplements ('Character creation' and 'Technology') help a great deal with playing the system. Genre Toolkits ('Generic settings' and 'Creatures') help with giving depth to the game. The 'Settings' and 'Adventures' books tiers are the least necessary to play in the game.

GURPS (Generic Universal RolePlaying System) is a role-playing game system which can engage any gaming environment. GURPS' "generic" aspect allows the source engines to be retrofitted to a variety of styles. GURPS' versatility is exhibited bu the use of real world baselines ("reality-checking) wherever possible. GURPS also has many world books describing settings or with additional rules in various genres including science fiction, fantasy, and historical.

GURPS uses six-sided dice for game mechanics using standard dice notation. An "average roll" of three six sided dice generates a total of 10.5; an "average" skill check (a skill of 10, based on an unmodified attribute) equally likely to succeed or fail. Die rolls, no matter the skill level, of 18 is always a critical failure and a roll of 3 or 4 is always a critical success (a roll of 17 is a critical failure as well, unless the character relevant skill level is 16 or more).

Basic Set

Character and Campaigns
A character in GURPS is built with character points. Normal PCs are built on 50 points. Beginning hero characters are built with 100 points. Full heroes are built with 200 points. Superheroes are built with 400 points. The Game Master balance the enemy power to the abilities of the player characters via point values.

Players can modify attribute stats, select advantages and disadvantages, and purchase levels in skills. The character's primary attributes are:

  • ST (Strength) : physical power and bulk, ability to lift, carry, and do damage
  • DX (Dexterity) : physical agility, coordination, and manual dexterity
  • IQ (Intelligence) : mental capacity, acuity and sense of the world
  • HT (Health) : physical stamina, energy and vitality, ability to resist disease

The character's notable secondary characteristics are:

  • HP (Hit Points) : amount of damage and injury which can be sustained
  • Will (Will) : mental strength, stress resistance
  • Per (Perception) : sensory alertness
  • FP (Fatigue Points) : amount of exertion, tiredness, and hunger

The other secondary characteristics (Damage, Basic Lift, Basic Speed, Dodge, Move) are also derived from primary attributes. GURPS has advantages and disadvantages to customize characters. There are also Perks and Quirks for personality flavor.

GURPS has skills tied to at least one attribute and modified by spending points. Skills are categorized by difficulty: Easy, Average, Hard, and Very Hard. Easy skills cost fewer points to purchase levels in, while Hard skills cost more. Some skills also have a TL (Tech Level) ratings.

Third Edition

  • GURPS Lite
  • GURPS Basic Set, Third Edition
  • GURPS Compendium I
  • GURPS Compendium II
  • GURPS Man To Man: Fantasy

Fourth Edition

  • GURPS Lite
  • GURPS Basic Set: Characters
  • GURPS Basic Set: Campaigns
  • GURPS Update (conversion guide)

Rule Supplements

Third Edition

  • GURPS Magic
  • GURPS Grimoire
  • GURPS Martial Arts
  • GURPS Psionics
  • GURPS Religion

Fourth Edition

  • GURPS Magic
  • GURPS Martial Arts
  • GURPS Mass Combat
  • GURPS Powers
  • GURPS Thaumatology


Third Edition

  • GURPS Aliens
  • GURPS Fantasy Folk
  • GURPS Monsters
  • GURPS Rogues
  • GURPS Supporting Cast
  • GURPS Villains
  • GURPS Warriors
  • GURPS Who's Who 1
  • GURPS Who's Who 2
  • GURPS Wizards


Third Edition

  • GURPS Bio-Tech
  • GURPS High-Tech
  • GURPS Low-Tech
  • GURPS Magic Items
  • GURPS Modern Firepower
  • GURPS Robots
  • GURPS Steam-Tech
  • GURPS Ultra-Tech
  • GURPS Vehicles
  • GURPS Vehicles Lite
  • GURPS Warehouse 23

Genre Toolkits

Generic settings

Third Edition

  • GURPS Atomic Horror
  • GURPS Autoduel
  • GURPS Autoduel: Car Warriors
  • GURPS Cops
  • GURPS Covert Ops
  • GURPS Cyberpunk
  • GURPS Espionage
  • GURPS Horror
  • GURPS Illuminati
  • GURPS Mars
  • GURPS Mecha
  • GURPS Space
  • GURPS Supers

Fourth Edition

  • GURPS Fantasy
  • GURPS Mysteries
  • GURPS Space
  • GURPS Supers


Third Edition

  • GURPS Bestiary
  • GURPS Blood Types
  • GURPS Creatures of the Night
  • GURPS Dinosaurs
  • GURPS Dragons
  • GURPS Faerie
  • GURPS Fantasy Bestiary
  • GURPS Shapeshifters
  • GURPS Space Bestiary
  • GURPS Spirits
  • GURPS Undead


There are a variety of setting books. A few notable ones are:
Third Edition

  • AADA Road Atlas
  • GURPS Black Ops
  • GURPS Conan
  • GURPS Horseclans
  • GURPS Planet of Adventure
  • GURPS Screampunk
  • GURPS Space Atlas
  • GURPS Terradyne
  • GURPS Traveller
  • GURPS Wild Cards

Fourth Edition

  • GURPS Banestorm
  • GURPS Infinite Worlds
  • GURPS Traveller: Interstellar Wars
  • GURPS Prime Directive


There are a variety of adventure books. A few notable ones are:
Third Edition

  • GURPS Bili the Axe - Up Harzburk!
  • GURPS Cyberpunk Adventures
  • GURPS Fantasy Adventures
  • GURPS Space Adventures
  • GURPS Supers Adventures
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