Grill And Chuck Box

Camp Utensils for Cooking

Camp grills

Barbecue or Camp grill
Device for cooking food by applying heat directly from below

Grill categories
- Charcoal
— Brazier
— Pellet Grill
— Square Charcoal
— Shichirin (Hibachi)
— Kettle
— Cart
— Barrel
— Ceramic cooker
— Tandoor oven
— Portable charcoal
- Gas-fueled

Gas Grill Parts
- Burners
- Cooking grid
- Rock grate
- Heat shield
- Valves

Hybrid grills
- used with charcoal and natural gas or liquid propane
- cook in the same manner as a traditional gas grill
- quickly start a charcoal/wood fire
- extend the length of a charcoal/wood cooking

Camp stoves

Camp or Field Range Stoves
- various sizes
- various forms
Purchased from manufacturers or dealers

Stoves combine
- both cooking and heating qualities (in or out of tent)
- bulky and require stove pipe

Chuck Box

Chuck box, grub box, camp box and patrol box
"Chuckwagon camp box"
- Developed out from the chuckwagon

Portable kitchen
- top lid (separately hinged)
- drop down front (separately hinged)
- rear shelves (separately hinged)
- integral front shelf cook-top
- plurality of work surfaces
- multi-purpose compartments
- utensil drawer
- extendable, multi-purpose racks
— towel racks
— covering trays shelves
- plurality of casters to facilitate transport

Base unit
- removable support legs
- permanently attach folding legs

Dishwashing center (rear shelf; functionally isolated)

Device used for storing the many items associated with a camp kitchen.
Packed, it is a large box.
Box will unpacks with a fold down front and sides

Minimum requirement, store camper's camp kitchen devices
Contents in designed compartments, shelves, drawers and racks
Designed to provide work surfaces and utility features (kitchen table space)

Traditionally camp kitchen utensils
- cooking pots
- pans
- plates
- utensils
- cleaning items

In the selection of camp utensils one must consider many things:
- portability
- bulk and weight
- general adaptability
— varied requirements
— emergencies

Camp utensils

Use proper camp utensils
- Handles, lids, spouts, everything, are doubly riveted. A camp fire plays havoc with-soldered parts, which drop off, from the intense and exposed heat of the camp fire, almost the very first time they are used.
- Ordinarily, good heavy block tin is most desirable for camp purposes, but care should be taken to avoid the lighter and cheaper grades, whenever possible stamped or one piece utensils only, should be selected; those with handles and bail-clips, etc., securely riveted thereto.
- Lifters provided for handling and removing every utensil or oven from the fire

- Tinware (good quality; light and durable)
- White enameled ware (expensive and heavy; subject to chipping)
- Aluminum (ideal ware, but expensive; light and durable)

Coffee pot

Best coffee pot
- Miner Solid Lip Coffee Pot types
— body and lip all in one piece
— bottom is rimmed on
— the lid, bail and handle double riveted
— material is serviceable and light
- three quart coffee pot


Camp stew kettles
- cover flat with a ring handle riveted to the lid
- best is heavy steel
- straight, not flaring sides (straight pit bottom)
- body and lip all in one piece
- bottom is rimmed on
- the lid, bail and handle double riveted
- material is serviceable and light
- Not top heavy (tip over easily)

Kettles serve a variety of purposes
- water pails
- fry pans
- oven
- pots
- bake / roast oven
- tent heater

Mess outfits


Dining outfit (placed and carried in a bag)
- heavy stamped and retinned ware, not pieced
- nine inch dinner deep plate, spring clip handle
- coffee cups. spring clip handle
- cutlery
Package size: less than a foot square
Weight: twenty pounds

Individual mess kit (dishes)
- used for ordinary cooking purposes
- together with a complete water bottle or canteen all in one
- equipped with both cooking and serving utensils

"Preston Mess Kit" types
Arranged as include all utensils in the one package
— two plate parts form a bake pan
— plates fitted together on the handled part act as fry pan
— cup forms a coffee pot
— canteen part acts as a water bottle
— knife, fork and spoon
— bag and straps
Made to carry as ordinary canteen when packed together

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