Social networking service
- must register before using the site
- 13 years or older to become registered
Operated and privately owned : Facebook, Inc.
Founders: Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes

Personal profile
- lightweight ways to add functionality (or fun)
- update the status
- security is recommended
Add users as friends
Exchange messages
Automatic notifications (Profile updates)
Common-interest user groups
- workplace
- school or college
- other characteristics

Account Settings

Important menus

Additional tabs
- Facebook Ads (most important)
- Notifications (set what to be notified of)


Privacy Preferences
Different options

- Privacy Settings (View Settings)
Adjust who can view basic information and acivity on your Facebook page (Customize)
Safest setting : share information with Friends Only

- Privacy Preferences>Customize Settings
Edit who can view what (Customize)
Friends Only recommended

- Privacy Preferences > Apps and Websites (Edit Your Settings)
Under the Apps and Websites section in Privacy
Control all your apps

Hide Personal Info
- Privacy Settings > Customize Settings

Privacy Command Center
Customize who can view information/posts (Can block people)
- email address
- phone number
- address
- photos
- who can comment
- religion
- birthday

Protect Friends List
- Privacy Settings > Customize Settings > Posts by me
- Privacy Settings > View Settings > See Your Friend list

Protect Against Spam
- Account Settings > update email > Notifications
Use a Disposable Email Address
Funnel FB announcements to disposable email address

Preview and Change Your Profile
- check out how your profile looks by choosing Preview My Profile located in View Settings, under Privacy Settings.


Keep it simple, stupid
Professional (recommended)


Create Friends Lists and Groups


Appear Offline to Some Friends
- open Chat box
- select Friend Lists
- create a list and add the names
- slider next to lists in the Chat box : offline (grey)

Share Photos

Flickr Integration with Facebook


Update FB Status via Twitter (Apps and Websites)
- integrate FB pages with Twitter application for FB
- Tweets as FB status updates when you add #fb to them

In Your Status
- Shapes : fsymbols.com
- Upesidedown : typeupsidedown.com

Hide Your Status Updates
Status updates don't have to be universally shared
Tailor to certain friends can see them

Customize under Privacy Settings, little padlock underneath the status box
- quick and dirty customize shortcut each status update


Apps Control
- Privacy Settings > Apps and Websites
Edit Settings or hit hyperlink on Remove unwanted apps
Date it was last used
Information it pulls from profile (Edit Settings)
- Turn Off Platform apps (won't be able to contact you; information or settings deleted)

Useful apps

Easy Update Status app
- iGoogle : Facebook widget
- Firefox : FireStatus add-on
- Chrome : FB extensions

Zoho app (fb page)
- documents
- spreadsheets
- word processing
- presentation
- mail
- calendar
- collaborative project

Facebook Files app
- virtual thumb drive (store files online)
- use box.net account

DivShare app
- links Facebook account to online storage service

Visual Bookshelf app
- share what you're reading

Networked Blogs app
- RSS for Facebook news stream

Causes app
- non-profits and activists

Branch Out app
- Networks While Job Hunting

Marketplace app
- eBay of Facebook

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