Honda CR-X Si

Honda Motor Co. (Ltd.) produced a high performance automobile with fresh light weight unique styling. Producing these automobiles, such as the suspension mechanism small part with a design toward high-performance and high density engines", the thought of Man-Mecha (Man (Man maximum), mecha (Mechanical minimum)) grounded the developmental process. The front suspension and maneuverability, with the torsion bar suspension strut with superior turning round, uses a trailing-link beam suspension with excellent high speed stability. In addition, a unique and fresh styling and excellent aerodynamics, new lightweight material used, highly rigid monocoque body, Honda's unique mechanism, the Autasuraidosanrufu, provides equipment to enable high-precision construction with the panel on the roof panel that slides. It is the world's first mass-produced roof ventilation.


Sport compact
Body style:
2-door hatchback
FF layout
5-speed Manual
USDM Curb Weight:
2,174 lb (986 kg)

The Honda CR-X in the US [Japan: Ballade Sports CR-X] is a compact sports car manufactured by Honda. The second-generation CR-X Si ("Sports injected") model has the 16-valve 1590 cc "D16A6" engine and MPFI.1

Road Test Honda CRX Si
CRX-Si-Specifications (jpg)


Country of Manufacture: Japan
Make: Honda, Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
Type: Passenger car
Line/Body and engine type: D16A6, 1.6L SOHC (Civic CRX 1600)
Transmission and Body Type: 2-door manual 5-speed
Vehicle Grade: Si
Model Year: 1990
Assembly Plant: Suzuka


J Country of Manufacture: J
H Make: H
M Type: M
E Engine: ED9
3 Body/Transmission: 3
6 Vehicle Grade: 6
? Math check digit (7)
L Model Year
S Assembly Plant
0 Serial number, based on the sequence off the production line


Special Tools

Several special tools may be required for maintenance:2

Valve Guide Seal Installer
Valve Guide Reamer, 5.5 mm
Valve Guide Driver
Magnetic Valve Keeper Remover and Installer Tool

Engine Driver
Engine Driver Attachments
Engine Ring Gear Holder
Engine Pilot collar
Piston Pin Driver Shaft
Engine Piston Pin Driver Head
Engine Piston Pin Base Insert
Engine Piston Base Head
Engine Piston Base
Engine Piston Spring
Engine Seal Driver

Oil Filter Socket
Vacuum Pump/Gauge
Hg Vacuum/Pressure Guage 0-4 Hg
Emission Test Harness
Fuel Sender Wrench
Fuel Pressure Guage

Digital Multimeter
Electrical Test Harness

Clutch Alignment Shaft
Clutch Alignment Disk
Clutch Handel
Clutch Ring Gear Holder
Clutch Driver
Clutch Attachment 32x35 mm

Transmission Adjustable Bearing Remover (25-40 mm)
Transmission Driver
Transmission Attachment 42x47 mm
Transmission Attachment 52x55 mm
Transmission mainshaft Clearance Inspection Tool
Transmission Mainshaft Holder
Transmission Mainshaft Base
Transmission Collar

Differential Driver 40 mm ID3
Differential Attachment 35 mm
Differential Driver
Differential Driver Attachment
Differential Oil Seal Driver Attachment (61)
Differential Oil Seal Driver Attachment (SD)
Differential Pilot Drivet 26x30 mm

Steering 40 mm Lock Nut Wrench
Steering Ball Joint Remover
Steering Joint Boot Clip Installation Guide

Brake Driver
Brake Bearing Driver Attachment
Brake Pushrod Adjustment Guage
Brake Flare Nut Wrench
Brake Spring Compressor
Brake Snap Ring Pliers

AC Seal Seat Remover
AC Seal Remover/Installer
AC Clutch Holder
AC Fly Wheel Puller
AC Pully Puller
AC Shaft Ring Remover
AC Bearing Driver
AC Driver Attachment

Lubrication and Points

5W-30 (Any ° F) [Above 20° F, 10W-30]
Transmission :
10W-30 or 10W-40
Brake Line :
DOT3 or DOT 4
Shift Lever:
Silicon Grease w/ molydbenum disulfide

Multipurpose grease

Silicon grease


Maintenance Schedule

CRX Maintenance OpenDocument Spreadsheet 14.99 kB

CRX Engine Assembly


Engine Honda CRX Si 1991 USA
16-valve I-4, 1595cc "D16A6"4 SOHC

988 kg (2,174 lb)
108 hp (80.5 kW, 110 ps) @ 6000 rpm (5600 rpm) / 100 ft·lbf @ 5000 rpm
100 lb·ft (13.9 kg·m, 136 N·m) at 4800 rpm
Firing order:
Redline and Limit
Redline : 6500 rpm (USA) | Rev limit : 7200 rpm

Torque Specification :
1590 cc engine and MPFI
TorqueSpec Lbs/Ft, Kg/M ASCII text 1.42 kB

Engine Mounts : Honda Part Numbers, 50821-SH3-040, 50805-SH3-030, 0810-SH3-040
Front Engine Mounting : Honda Part Number, UK = 50840-SH3-000 | JDM = 50841-SH3-040 (No Difference)

Cylinder Head/Valve Train

Valvetrain: SOHC (4 valves per cylinder)
Head Code: PM3

Valve Cover Gasket : Honda Part Number, 12341-PM7-000 | Washer, Head Cover 90441-PK2-000
Spark Plug Hole Gaskets : Honda Part Number, 12342-PG6-000
Valve Cover Stud Bolts : Honda Part Number, 90012-PM7-000 | Cylinder Head Cover Bolt B 90013-PM3-000 | Cylinder Head Cover Bolt A 90014-PM3-000

Valve Clearances:
1590 cc engine and MPFI
Valve Clearances ASCII text 410 Bytes


Cylinder removal


Single overhead camshaft (SOHC) is a design in which one camshaft is placed within the cylinder head.
Cam Gear: 38 tooth

Rocker Arms

Valve Seats

Valve Guides

Valve Springs and Valves

If experiencing rough acceleration and loss of power (bogging down and backfiring) between 500 to 2800 rpm and find oil in the spark plugs well and wires, the spark-plug tube seals are leaking. They are part of the valve cover gaskets; the oil is getting in there and causing a misfire. Replace the valve cover gasket, tube seals, plugs and wires.

Valves, Springs and Seals Installation

  1. Coat valve stems with engine oil
  2. Install the valves in the valve guides
  3. Check that the valves [move up and down smoothly]
  4. Install the spring seats on the cylinder head
  5. Install the new valve seals
    • Use valve guide seal installer [Stem seal driver]

Timing Belt

Timing Belt : Honda Part Number, 14400-PK2-004 (88 Prelude 2.0 Si)

Ignition Timing : 16 degrees + or - 2 degrees at idle speed is the stock setting. (Red Mark on Crank Pulley, it also has a mark either side of it. The other mark off the left is the top dead center mark). Turning the distributor clockwise retards the ignition, and turning it anti-clockwise advances the ignition.

Valve Clearance Adjustment

Engine Block


D16 Series Engines

  • Bore and Stroke
  • Displacement

Flywheel and Drive Plate

Main bearing and Rod Bearing

Crankshaft and pistons

Oil-fouled spark plug electrodes are indicative of valve stem seals (see above) or worn or broken piston rings.

Replacing Pistons5

  • Set of rod bearings
  • Set of rings
  • Oil pan gasket
  • Ring compressor (ARP ring compressor)


  1. Drop the oil pan
  2. Pull rod caps (KEEP IN ORDER)
  3. Take out old bearings and set aside.
  4. Slide the piston out the top.
  5. Take old piston rings out
  6. Clean the piston grooves
  7. Install ring (separate process)
  8. Reinstall piston in the cylinder.
  9. Clean the big ends up
  10. Clean the crank
  11. Install new bearings with assembly lube
  12. Torque to spec.

Cylinder Block

Compression: 9.1:1

Piston Pins

Connection Rods

Rod Length: 137 mm
Rod Ratio: 1.52~

Oil Seal

Crankshaft Installation

Engine Lubrication

Oil doesn't just lubricate it also cools and seals the engine. Recommend use good quality fully synthetic oil.

Engine Oil : SAE 10w40 to 20w50 semi-synthetic6 (factory recommendation)

Oil Cap : Honda Part Number, 15610-P2A-000

Oil Level Inspection

Oil Dip-Stick : Honda Part Number, 15650-PM3-004

Oil Replacement

Oil change : Within every 5000 miles.

Oil Filter Replacement

Oil Filter

  • Champion Part Number, F2087
  • Honda Part Number, 15400-PR3-0048

Oil Pressure Test

Oil Pump Overhaul

Oil Pump Removal / Inspection

Intake Manifold/Exhaust System

Air Filter : WIX Part Number, WA6279
K&N 99-5000 Filter Care Service Kit Aerosol: 99-5000
DC Sports DAC Intake Kit : DC Part Number, DAC5001

PCV Valve : Honda Part Number, 17130-PM6-003

"Open loop" operation9
Unplug all the sensors, and start and run while not responding to "stimuli" from sensors. When do so, ECU will revert to a basic set of maps (original environment model). If it still performs poorly or nothing much has changed, it's nothing to do with the sensors, and has everything to do with the engine itself.

Petrol Gas Filters : Change every 50,000 miles (Honda recommendation)
Gas Filter : WIX Part Number, WF8073 (Under Hood Bonnet) | Honda Part Number, 16010-SH3-505

On Si models there are two filters in total. One is mounted on the fire wall and the other hangs off the petrol gas tank. The under hood bonnet filter is easily available. Petrol fuel system is essentially three sealed filters:

  1. Large particle tank sock
  2. Pump filter
  3. Inline fuel filter

Intake Manifold

Fuel Control: OBD-0 MPFI

Exhaust Manifold

Oxygen Sensor : NTK Part Number, 24033 (Sensor on exhaust manifold)

Exhaust Pipe and Muffler

Scorpion S/Steel Exhaust System : Scorpion Part Number, SCOSHD004
Scorpion Cat Replacement Pipe : Scorpion Part Number, SCOSHDC001


When hot, the cooling system is under high pressure. Remove cap only when cool, aqvoiding danger of scalding hot coolant.

Radiator Replacement

Radiator : Honda Part Number, 19010-PM4-003/4
Radiator Cap : Honda Part Number, 19045-PN3-003

Radiator Refilling and Bleeding

Recommended that don't go beyond 50/50 mixture of water and anti-freeze.
Coolant : Only use ethylene-glycol-based antifreeze.10

Radiator Cap Testing

Radiator Cap Pressure : 13.5 to 18.0 PSi

Radiator Testing

Thermostat Replacement

Thermostat : Quinton Hazel Part Number, QTH366 | Honda Part Number, 19300-PM3-003
Thermostat Gasket : Honda Part Number, 19305-PJ7-000

Thermostat Testing

Thermostat Temperature : 168.8 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit | 76 to 80 degrees Celsius.

Water Pump Replacement

Water Pump : Honda Part Number, 19200-P01-004
Water Temp Switch for Fan : Honda Part Number, 33760-PM3-003



Clutch Adjustment

Release Bearing

Pressure Plate

Clutch Disc


Flywheel Bearing

Flywheel and Clutch

Manual Transmission and Differential

Transmission Gearbox Oil : 10w40 non-synthetic (manual transmission gearbox).11 (Ordinary Engine Oil)







Steering in the CRX Si by the system of elements and linkages allow the austomobile to have a excellent maneuverability.

Tires : 185/60R14 82H (Standard) | 44 psi all around

Alloy Rims: Offset 35-45 mm | Stock is 38mm
Stud Pattern is 4 x 100mm, center bore 56mm.

Anti-Roll Bar Suspension Bushing | Honda Part Number, 52316-SA5-000
Anti-Roll Bar Lower Arm Bushing | Honda Part Number, 52314-SH3-000

Energy Suspension Bushing Kit : 16-18102G12

Front Sus Upper Ball-Joint : Honda Part Number, 51460-SH3-023 (Left Hand Side)
Front Sus Steering Ball-Joint L : Veco Part number, VB1125
Front Sus Steering Ball-Joint R : Veco Part number, VB1126
Front Wheel Stud : Honda Part Number, H90113-SA0-025

CV Joints : 26 spline inner13

Shock Absorbers
Koni Part Numbers:
Front = 8040 1077SPORT
Rear = 8040 1103SPORT * (Solid lower arm with fork shape lower shock mount)
Rear = 8040 1078SPORT * (Box Section lower arm with eye shape lower mount)
Front = 8041 1166SP4 (Externally Adjustable)
Rear = 8041 1153SPORT (Externally Adjustable)

Manual Steering

Component Location



Steering Wheel

Steering Column


1990 Si models: Four-wheel disc brakes.

If the brake lights stay on, check brake pedal arm and ensure pedal tab has rubber stopper that activates / depresses brake light switch; Replace as needed

Brake Fluid : The DOT 4 specification (factory recommendtion)
Bleeding Brakes : How you bleed the brakes is up to you. Bleed in the following order: Left Rear, Right Front, Right Rear, Left Front (LHD Cars14)

Pedal Height Adjustment

Parking Brake Adjustment

Front Brake

Front Brake Pads : There are 2 types so is best recommended to bring an existing pad

Front Disk Brake Pads : Konaku KN264 (1019) | Wagner ThermoQuiet WAG-MX373
Front Brake Caliper Upper Stud : Honda Part Number, 45235-SE0-003
Front Brake Caliper Lower Stud : Honda Part Number, 45240-SE0-003
Front Brake Caliper Upper Boot : Honda Part Number, 45234-SE0-003
Front Brake Caliper Lower Boots : Honda Part Number, 45232-SE0-003

Master Cylinder/Brake Booster

Master Cylinder

Brake Booster

Rear Brake

Rear Wheel Bearings : The bearing and hub are a complete unit.

Rear Brake Pads : There are 2 types so is best recommended to bring an existing pad
Rear Disk Brake Pads : Frentex M88 (1146) | EBC Green Stuff Part Number, EBCDP2642/2

Brake Hose/Pipes

Parking Brake



1990 changes bumpers from previous years

Carpet/Door Sill Molding




Frame and Fuel Filler


Hood and Latch

A lever bracket, with the spring on the bottom of the hood, releases the hood. Pointing down, the center spring is, flat grooved cone. Flat-head screwdrive will turn it. Counter-clockwise, hood pop up stronger. Clockwise, hood pop up weaker.

Interior Trim


Rear Panel / Corner Panels

Rear Shelf

Security Compartment


Seat Belts

Most CR-X's end up with seat-belts that wont wind back in. Dismantle the old winders to get the belt out. Use the replacement winder with the original crx belts. Make sure the spindle is not allowed to unwind when pull the belt out because cannoy wind them up again,

Drivers side winder unit : TK-8100r (89-91 Civic)

Side Panels


Sunroof cleaning and repair


Windshield and Rear Windshield

Wiper Motor Connecting Rod : Honda Part Number, 76540-SH3-003

Windshield Wipers : 19" (48cm) on both sides.15

Lower Hatch and Quater Glass


Door Position




Heater Assembly

Heater Control Panel

Heater Control Cable

Fan Switch

Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning Belt : Honda Part Number, 38920-PM5-A04

Wire Harness Routing


Circuit Diagram

Discharge Procedure

Condenser Procedure




1990 changes

  • Headlights16 and taillights
  • Instrument cover17
  • Hazard switch18

Electronic Control Unit
ECU Code: PM6

Resetting the ECU : Fully warm up engine, Locate the fuse box under the bonnet, (Above passenger side wheel arch) and remove the fuses for the ECU and Hazard Warning for 2 Minutes. Refit fuses and start the engine, leave it at idle speed for 5 minutes. (Do not go near the throttle) The reason for leaving it at idle speed is to let the ECU calibrate itself to the sensor readings and program a default value for itself.

Alternator assy. (denso) 31100-PM8-A03
Alternator diagram : Parts list

Alternator Belt : Honda Part Number, 31110-PM5-305 | Quinton Hazel Part Number, QBR3763
Distributor Cap : Honda Part Number, 30102-PM7-305 | Inter Motor Part Number, IN45575
Distributor Rotor : Honda Part Number, 30103-PM5-A05 | Inter Motor Part Number, IN48191
Distributor Cap & Rotor : Honda Part Number, 30102-PM7-306

Alternator Front Bearing : Honda Part Number, 31114-PD1-044

Spark Plugs

  • NGK V-Groove Part Number, BCPR6EY-11 (Stock)
  • NGK Gold Paladium Part Number, BCP6EV
  • NGK Platinum Part Number, BCPR6EVX-11
  • NGK Iridium Part Number, BKR6EIX-11
  • Nippon Denso Part Number, Q20PR-U11 (Stock)
  • Champion Part Number, RN9YCC4



External articles

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