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You can email me. I get a lot of email, too much to reply to. But I read everything I receive and will try my best to respond.

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To increase your chances of a reply, you might find the following helpful.

  1. When emailing, put "[ReddiWeb]" in the subject line and add your subject on the end like so: "[ReddiWeb] feedback - Your papercraft images". DO NOT use subject lines like "Hi", "Hello", "Read this", or "Something for you" … they are used by spammers, decreasing the likelihood that your message will get through my spam filters to me. Oh, and no blank subject lines.
  2. No attachments. This includes signature images, vcards, background wallpapers, and the like that your email client automatically attaches to your email.

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If you want, you can leave me a icon picture at: my graphic guest-book.

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You can leave a public message in the forum guestbook, include where you are from and any feedback.

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