Computer Application

Application software
'app' computer software
singular or multiple related specific documents tasks

Hardware analogy
electric light bulb (system service application)
electric power generation plant (computing generative platform)
wireless power generation plant (cloud computing)

Office suites

Office software suite
Retail software

Knowledge workers' productivity suite
- Word processor
- Spreadsheet
- Presentation program
- Notetaking program
- Graphics suite
- Formula editor
- Database
- Communication
- Project management software
- Desktop publishing software
- Portable Document Format export
- Email client
- Personal information manager
- HTML editor
- Groupware
- Web log analysis software

Components distributed together and interact
Consistent user interface

Graphics software

Image editing software
- static graphics
- animation
- video editing
Manipulate visual digital images

- See also: raster graphics and vector graphics

Media players

Playing multimedia files
- audio (audio players)
- video (video players)
user interface for media type

Accounting software

Accounting information system
Records and processes accounting transactions

Functional modules
- accounts payable
- accounts receivable
- payroll
- trial balance

Enterprise software

Enterprise application software (EAS)
Computer Based Information Systems

Organization's software
- business
- government

Business-oriented tools
- internet shopping
- payment processing
- product catalogue
- billing systems
- security
- content management
- IT service management
- customer relationship management
- resource planning
- business intelligence
- HR management
- manufacturing
- forms automation

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