Computer Graphics Metafile
international standard file format
2D vector graphics, raster graphics, and text
ISO/IEC 8632


2D graphical information data interchange
graphical elements textual source file compiled
- binary
- text

application independent
system independent
platform independent
device independent

CGM metafile elements
- graphical information entities
- geometric primitives entities
object-oriented reconstruction instructions
graphical components data


Graphical Kernel System
Technical illustration
Professional design
Electronic documentation
Data visualization

World Wide Web Consortium

1999 (1.0)
Web linking profile of CGM
graphical and intelligent content

Web applications
graphical expressive power
simplicity and implementability

- set of standardized metadata elements
- hyperlinking and document navigation
- picture structuring and layering
- search and query of WebCGM content

WebCGM 2.1

DOM (API) specification
programmatic access to WebCGM objects

XML Companion File (XCF) architecture

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