Camping Tools

In a camping party of say three or more, will be found one, who, while not an artisan, a mechanic, is at least handy in the use of a few ordinary tools (if brought along). Tools come in handy in a hundred different ways with them repairs to guns or fishing tackle, boats, harness, wagon, tent poles, utensils, etc., or a host of necessary camp equipage can be made; for in camp one can make few tools answer multitudinous purposes under compulsion, drawing on nature for implements and material as needed besides as they want them.

On the other hand without such tools great inconvenience, in fact absolute suffering sometimes results from serious breakdowns, especially be it to boat, wagon or gun, when, to, perhaps there is no possible means (or tools) on hand to repair it. Brought about by lugging along camp furniture instead, or the failure to heed timely advice and suggestions now.

Kit of Tools


It has always been a claim that no outfit or party should take to the woods, without at least some sort of "Kit of Tools" not elaborate, but few and simple, and to make plain the recommendations on the subject it is an offer herewith a list of tools.

Experience has time and time again found valuable a good tools kit suggested as follows:
- piece of double width strong canvas about 6 or 8 ft. wide, 2 or 3 yards long (in which is rolled the kit of tools)
- small hack saw (rip and cross blades separate)
- claw hammer hatchet
- a carpenter's brace (one and two inch bit)
- flat file
- bag of assorted nails and tacks (pound)
- common draw knife
- ordinary small-size rope (few yards)
- combination tool set / multi-tool
- pliers
- tape measure
- coils of wire (soft and hard)
- tent needles
- sewing palm
- ball of twine
When rolled into the canvas previously mentioned, which serves as a carry — all for the entire and substantial kit — weighing in all about 10 to 15 pounds.

Implements and equipment

Tools of convenience



Mini-tool Kit

Multi-Purpose/Pocket Tools





Trimmers & Pruners

Metal Detectors

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