Camping Shelter

Camping Shelter involve the use of a cabin. a tent, tipi, a primitive structure, or no shelter at all.
- See also: shelter

Primitive structures

Primitive shelter is a temporary or permanent shelter and encampment, such as a Huts, shacks, and shanties. They provide protection against inclement weather. They can be solid and permanent structure offering refuge.


A Tent is a portable nomadic shelters. Tents protects you from the weather elements, provides a barrier between the nocturnal critters, and gives a place to rest at night.


A tipi, anglicized as tepee or teepee, is a conical Native American portable tent used by the nomadic Great Plains tribes. Historically, the tipi cover was made of animal skins. After the great slaughter of the buffalo around the turn of the 20th century, tipi covers were made of canvas. The tipi shaped structures made of birch bark and the native's domed structure are known as wigwams. The time to disassemble a tipi is short and packing away quick. Reconstruction of the tipi structure is easy and quick.


A cabin is a small, roughly rural built house with wood exterior typical solid structures (also, corrugated iron sheets cladding a wooden frame) that give protection from inclement weather.

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