Camping Clothes
Basic clothes kit

Right Clothes for Camping
- warm
- lightweight
- non-bulky
- "breathe" [sweat and body heat escape]
- comfortable
- durable
Decision-making based upon common sense

Fair weather basics

  • t-shirts
  • shorts
  • jeans/pants
  • socks
  • shoes/boots
  • camp shoes
  • hat/cap
  • sweater
  • poncho
  • underwear
  • swim suit
  • laundry bag

Military basics

  • trousers
  • boots
  • shirt
  • waistcoat
  • socks
  • stock and clasp (leather neck-guard)
  • braces (suspender)
  • forage cap
  • mitts (finger-less gloves)

Items depends on what and where
- protecting from the elements
- keep cool and dry in summer
- warm and dry in winter
Southern beach camp-out during summer differ considerably from northern fall hunting camp

Choose various items mixed and matched to handle different trips and conditions

Four basic categories
- inner layer (underwear)
- mid layer (basic clothing)
- insulation layer (shirts, pants, vests, jackets, pullovers and sweaters)
- outer layer (protective wear)

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