small, roughly rural built house
wood exterior typical solid structures (also, corrugated iron sheets cladding a wooden frame)
protection from inclement weather

Log cabin

Log house
"Log cabins" : simple smaller, rustic one- or 1½-story structures, hunting cabin
- small house built from logs with basic utilities
- made from logs that have not been milled into conventional lumber

"Log home"
- logs that have been peeled but are original natural tree appearance
"Milled" ("machine-profiled")
- log house molder

See also : Natural building


rural dwellings and semi-rural dwellings

Smallholding farms (mixture of cash crops and subsistence farming) comprising

  • modest, cozy house(s)
  • outbuildings
  • supporting farmland or woods

Weavers' cottages
Miners' cottages

Beach cabin

beach hut or beach shack
small wooden beach shelter
- sun or wind protection
- swimming attire changing
- safe storing of personal belongings
- preparing food and hot drinks

Simple facilities
- bottled gas
- electricity mains

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