Decision engine and search organize answers

Bing - Web search engine
- powers Yahoo! Search
- was Live Search, Windows Live Search, MSN Search

Bing at a glance
"Explore pane" search suggestions
- semantic technology (Powerset)
- Wikipedia content
- full questions and highlights the answer within search results
Search Worldwide

News (world, national, and local)
- news aggregator

Bing Maps
- Maps of the world, street map …
- driving and transit directions
- businesses, addresses, landmarks and street names worldwide,
- road-map style view, a satellite view or a hybrid

- view and search information and reviews (music, movies, television shows, and video games).
- play online games
- Bing Entertainment
- Microsoft Games

Decision engine features

Interface features

Daily changing of background image.
- Left side navigation pane.
— navigation
— results pages, related searches and prior searches
- Right side extended preview
— bigger view of page and URLs to links

Sublinks (section links within article)
- search from within website
- display Customer Service number
Enhanced view (third party site information)

Best match (plus similar sites)

Media features

Images page
- shows the main picture from that day and four related searches.
- continuous scrolling images results (adjustable size, layout, color, style and people settings)

Video thumbnail Preview (Smart Preview)
- adjustable length, screen size, resolution and source setting

Visual Search collections
- data-grouping image galleries
- Silverlight.

Result Answers

- Advanced computations
— WolframAlpha computational engine
- Dictionary (Microsoft Encarta World English Dictionary)
— "define", "definition" or "what is"
- Spell check
— change frequently misspelled search term
- Translate
— Auto translation
— "translate" or "in English"
— texts or entire web pages into different languages
- Math calculations
— math expressions (math operators and trigonometric functions)

- local weather for cities around the world
- weather information
- extended weather (10 days)
- Intellicast and Foreca.

Package tracking and tracing
- shipping company and the tracking number

Business listing / Shopping
- localized searching for restaurants and services
- restaurant reviews
- city hotel listings
- 'hotels' and city name, hotel listings with a map (extended information)
- online suppliers and marketer's merchandise products and goods
- product shopping and "Bing cashback"
- Bing cashback discontinued (money for certain purchases made)

Wolfram Alpha
- factual queries
- visualizations from a core knowledge base
- mathematical and algebraic questions

- cooking recipes sourced
-,, and,
- filter recipe
— ratings, cuisine
— convenience, occasion
— ingredient
— course
— cooking method
— recipe provider

- real-time information
- Twitter and Facebook
- "best match" and "social captions" functionality
- public feeds from the past 7 days
- xRank (People listing)
— celebrities, musicians, politicians and bloggers
— biographies and news
- Events
— upcoming events
— Zvents
- Movies
— movie title listings of local theaters
— +city, movie listings localized for that city

Health information
- medical concepts to get relevant health information
- navigate complex medical topics with inline article results from experts
- Medstory

Travel / Flight tracking
- current traffic information
- airfare and hotel reservations online
- predicts the best time to purchase
- Farecast

- display scores / statistics

- direct stock information (stockchart, price, volume, and p/e ratio)

- information about United States universities
- admissions, cost, financial aid, student body, and graduation rate

Hotmail Integration

Hotmail’s "Quick Add"
- users can insert derivatives of Bing search results directly into e-mail

Integration with Facebook

Bing via Facebook Connect
- Display one's FB friends when a FB account linked
- Send messages to FB friends in the search results

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