Nature of beauty, art, and taste
Creation and appreciation of beauty
Scientific sensory or sensori-emotional values

Sentiment and taste judgement
Critical reflection on art (culture and nature)

Factors of æsthetics


Concept / meme
Any kind of ordered (sequenced) event that affects the cultural or natural state of a dynamic system.

Reception and Retransmission

Quantity of shared audience-performer heritage
Receiving information on cultural or natural system and retransmit that information.
Reception of the meaning of a specific art, audience have a shared cultural background to interpret the cultural or nature of the work.

Concept spread through the behaviors that they generate in the audience.
Concepts which propagate less prolifically become extinct.
Concepts the survive, spread and evolve.


Cultural quantity of inter-relational and social context
Framework to understand the cultural or natural system in such a way that the positions and other properties are meaningful relative to each other

Ideological apparatus produces society
- Social work environment
- User-friendly interactivity
- Performer-audience community
- DIY (do-it-yourself) practices
Shared inter-subjective practices, theoretical and practical, which have a collective meaning


An cultural or natural event of one group's conduct, the performer(s), for another group, the audience.


The experiential aspect of a cultural or natural system in terms consistent with the orientation of materials and their sensory properties.


Concept (or idea) of cultural or natural system take precedence over traditional concerns


Set of cultural or natural system procedures (steps) and decisions in state conversion (process) from one form (the beginning) to another form (the destination).


Fuzzy process concept to understand the cultural or natural system's processes in terms of empirical observations.
Operations definitions avoid defining artwork, cultural and natural processes in terms of some intrinsic essence.

Terms of the cultural or natural system in terms of the operations that clearly distinguish or measure it.
Set of processes of checking that a product, service, or system which meets specifications and that it fulfills presence and quantity.

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